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The Value of a Computer

There are many factors involved in determining what is the value of a computer. The value of a computer is not what they sell for on Amazon or eBay. When you factor in all the labor involved in refurbishing a computer the value of that computer is considerably less than eBay.

The process of refurbishing a computer involves an experienced technician’s diagnosis, wiping the hard drive, and loading an operating system. So if you see a used computer selling for $300, it’s not possible for any computer company to pay more than $80 to $100 tops to purchase that computer and make a profit.  Your time is free for yourself, but it is a labor cost for a company.

The cost of sales for any computer sold on eBay or Amazon or any other company is about 22%. That includes eBay fees, PayPal processing fees, packaging, and shipping. So whoever refurbishes that $300 computer is really getting $234 after the cost of sales. Any company has to pay for all the associated costs of refurbishing the computer after purchasing it.. More often than not the hard drive needs replacing and then pay the labor costs involved. That’s a big ask from a $234 net income for a computer selling for $300.

On Average The Value of a Computer In Good Condition Is 30% of The Retail Price Now

Bottom line is that a $300 computer is worth fractionally less to an online reseller because of all the costs of refurbishing them. So you could expect that most companies purchasing your IT equipment are going to pay about 20 to 30 percent of the online retail value. 

So what’s your benefit of selling your computers to a company for refurbishing or recycle? The answers are as follows: You save the time and grief of attempting to sell at or near retail. You save all the expenses involved with preparing any computer for selling at an online retail price. Saving the cost of time and the cost of sales is the benefit of selling or recycling computers.