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Computer Recycling Specialists

Green Computer Recycle specializes in IT equipment for end to end recycling. Recycling computers helps to protect our environment. We also buy computers that have value.

How Free IT Recycle Works

We do a data erasure for the trade of your dated equipment. Simply schedule a day and time for the services needed. It’s as easy as Calling 813-504-4062 or fill out the contact us form.

No CRT Monitors Accepted

We can not accept any CRT Monitors or Old Style Televisions. Due to possibly high levels of toxicity exposure when broken. Most dump sites will accept them but may possibly charge a fee.

Keeping Your Data Safe Is Our #1 Priority

Our company policy is simple and easy to understand because we genuinely care about your data safety. We do a data wipe on all salvaged computers hard drives. We leave nothing to chance because keeping your data protected is the lifeblood of our business. Your end-of-life computer equipment has some value and you can trade that equipment in exchange for our data destruction and pick-up services. Our data destruction services have a greater value to many businesses than the end of life computer equipment has.

Computers Don't Get Recycled Because Many People Don't Know Our "Free" Computer Recycle Services Exist!

Recycling computer equipment is a huge contributor to having a healthier environment because they are Hazardous Waste! With¬†Green Computer Recycle every part gets reused, or recycled, resulting in less pollution. The more we recycle the less need for newly manufactured components which results in less pollution. Recycling disrupts the pollution chain by reducing manufacturing plant’s emissions.¬†

Computer components are highly toxic and need to be disposed of properly because it helps the environment. Shipping computers for disposal to African nations in the 1990s and early 2000s was a disaster! They shipped salvage computers to poor nations that would except our hazardous waste. The people there would burn them because they wanted to get to the minerals that don’t burn. The burning of computers caused an increase in sickness, cancer, breathing illnesses and more. Recycling computer equipment is the answer to the problem because it’s so healthy for all of us.

The invention of computer technology came with a price to our environment because their components are hazardous waste. It’s a horrible idea to throw computers in the trash because they cause pollution. Disposal of computer equipment must be handled differently than trash because the materials they’re manufactured of are too hazardous for our planet.

Old computer equipment has value, certainly not relative to the original cost, but still has some value. So, most people don’t know that they can trade their old computer equipment for “FREE” data removal. We also offer on-site data removal for an even greater security measure because some companies require it.

When We Recycle We are Supporting a Greener Planet Together!

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