The Simultaneous Melting of The Glaciers and The Industrial Revolution

The Simultaneous Melting of The Glaciers and The Industrial Revolution

The Simultaneous Melting of The Glaciers and The Industrial Revolution Is Impossible To Be A Coincidence. 100 years of the Earth’s life is like 10 seconds to our brains. It’s virtually impossible for the same 100 year period the worldwide industrial revolution happened, and the melting of the glaciers took place by chance. Anyone knows it’s not a coincidence that record storms, record droughts, record temperatures, warming of the globe, and collapsing structures are all happening during the same 100 year period.

100 years is an incomprehensible short period of time for the glaciers to erode because they are millions of years old. I am not a scientist but know how to apply common sense to what man has done to harm the landscape of our planet. The way the planet is responding seems pretty obvious that it could care less about humanity’s existence. Mother Earth is assured of going on long after humanity is gone because it does not need us. We are guests as far as the planet is concerned, and it doesn’t care if we stay or go.

The way we treat our planet is the equivalent of trashing our home. Imagine if you filled the air inside your home with poison and contaminated your water before consumption? I know many might argue that the Earth’s atmosphere is different from a contained environment like home, but there’s a caveat?

Pollution Is Similar To Weight Lifting Because If You Ad 10 Pounds onto 570 Pounds
The Weight Lifter Can't Lift It Anymore and The Environment Behaves The Same Way

Pollution Is Similar To Weight Lifting Because If You Ad 10 Pounds onto 570 Pounds The Weight Lifter Can’t Lift It Anymore and The Environment Behaves The Same Way. Since it is common knowledge that the Earth is a giant greenhouse, then there shouldn’t be an argument that there’s a limit to how many running vehicles on Earth before it does damage. The combination of all the industrial age pollution causing inventions has a limit before irreversible damage to the environment no different from adding 10 pounds to the weight lifter. There’s one huge difference between the weight lifter adding 10 pounds and not lifting it and our environment becoming uninhabitable because it cannot withstand a million more cars, homes, factories, or more weight on it.

Southeast Florida Is Built On Top Coral Reef That Is Sure To Have Weight Limitations?

The recent collapse of the Surfside condominium indicates eroding seas and possibly the extra 10 pounds it can’t lift? The entire southeast coast of Florida is built on top of a coral reef, a life form that can and is dying. Is it a big coincidence that a huge building is being developed next door and has exceeded the weight limitations of what the coral can withstand? It should be considered the combination of the weight on the reef and the rising sea levels caused by the melting glaciers is overwhelming for South Florida. It certainly appears that the party is over for South Florida and the rising seas combined with a dying reef is more than the development of South Florida can withstand.

Mankind Has Accomplished More In 100 Years Than The Previous 10,000 Years Combined

The advancements for humanity over the past 100 years are nothing more than miraculous. The advancements in electrical power, automobiles, Planes, Bombs, and our homes have happened without any regard for damaging our environment. But, unfortunately, we have waited too long to acknowledge the possibility of damage being done to our environment. 

The past 100 years of advancements have been fun, but it’s time to get down to business and protect our environment better. There’s only one answer to the problems our advancements have caused, which is to take action now. We have all the evidence we need with the California fires to the gulf coast hurricanes to the city streets flooding in Miami Beach, and the droughts throughout the midwest are not one giant coincidence. All the aforementioned has happened during the same period of time as the industrial revolution is all the evidence we need to prove we created our own nightmare.

10 Pounds Less Could Be The Difference of The Survival of Humanity

Reducing the rate of global pollution is a monumental task, but reducing it by 10% could make a night and day difference. When we lower our consumption of fossil fuels and send fewer pollutants into our air and water, it can only help. Of course, it’s impossible to harm us by lowering pollution, but the same can not be said by increasing pollution. At the end of the day, the less pollution, the better it is for humanity. We have no way to know how much is too much, but we shouldn’t be gambling with our environment for the sake of more stuff now.

We Are Not Talking Politics We Are Talking Survival

The only reason our environment is a political topic is money. However, all the evidence is in, and it can only help humanity to reduce global pollution. The only thing that has stopped us from taking action in reducing pollution is Wallstreet. For the sake of a few, we have been willing to gamble that we are not adding the last 10 pounds of pollution that humanity can’t survive.

The value of a perfect environment for humanity to survive and thrive in should not have a price tag on it. Instead, the argument has been about how important it is to cling to fossil fuels to benefit rich investors. On its face, it’s ridiculous that the people would side with more pollution in their political ideals versus a better environment? What has happened with pollution is the equivalent of a change you want to make. You put it off until tomorrow, and the next thing you know, 15 years of tomorrow has gone by.

It’s been roughly 30 years since the scientist started talking about thresholds to protect our environment and that’s the same amount of time it been a political topic. Wallstreet recognized very quickly there’s no money in protecting our environment, and on the contrary, it would be a big expense for companies to adapt and, more importantly, eat profits. So the next thing you know, 30 years of tomorrow has gone by, and we have done next to nothing to protect our environment. It almost sounds insane when you think about it, but there’s one thing Wallstreet knows is time flies, and it flies better on a yacht. 

Yes, You Can Be The Difference Maker By Recycling

We can’t solve our environmental problems, but we sure can slow the deterioration of our environment. We can help by recycling goods and products. The best method of recycling is to donate things while they still have some value. By keeping things working, it’s one less thing manufactured.

In the IT world, far too many computers, monitors, and equipment get put on a shelf until they have no value. IT equipment needs to be disposed of properly, but we know that’s not always the outcome. It’s best practice to repurpose the IT equipment as long as possible because it will help contribute to a cleaner environment.

We can help overcome some of the damage we have been doing if we don’t put it off until another 30 years of tomorrow’s has gone by.

Author: Ron Hunnewell

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